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To encourage and facilitate social entrepreneurial and cause-related projects and events that:

  • Provide and fund mobility equipment, teen lounges in hospitals and teen programs that help kids transition back to their communities after experiencing a life altering illness or injury.
  • Keep kids involved in the world of their peers and help them know they haven’t been forgotten
  • Increase awareness among young people about the huge difference they can make in the life of another child

One thing is true: people want to see good in the world. All it takes is for one person to ignite a spark and the world is changed forever.

Mischa Zimmermann lit that spark in creating Kids Helping Kid back in 1998. He did it as a young teen all the while dealing with a malignant brain tumor. His compassion and strength inspired passion and mobilized others around him — his friends and schoolmates, teammates, their parents, teachers, coaches, and even complete strangers. Together through Kids Helping Kids, they set out to change the whole world for the better — starting locally in their own community. Their dedication and commitment have helped grow Kids Helping Kids into a nationally recognized organization that has motivated literally hundreds of kids to help their peers facing catastrophic illnesses. Currently, in its 22nd year, the organization is still thriving! 

Originally, Mischa and other Kids Helping Kids’ teens created fund-raising events and social entrepreneurial projects that embraced the many talents and interests of teens ranging from soccer, basketball, and baseball games to concerts, open mic nights, Art-in-the-Park (selling jewelry, greeting cards, tee-shirts and other items designed by Kids Helping Kids), to fashion shows, Swim-a-Thons, Walk N Roll-a-Thons, chess competitions, sled hockey games, etc.. Hundreds of kids and adults took part and thousands of dollars were raised to help support the organization’s mission: to provide mobility devices, adaptive sports equipment, and financial support to teens transitioning back into their home-life and peer-groups. The “well” teen members of Kids Helping Kids learned the valuable lessons of donating their time, energy, and talents for the greater good --- and seeing their efforts directly benefit kids their own age who were recovering from serious illnesses. Kids Helping Kids provided character-building opportunities for teens, while at the same time they were learning about social entrepreneurship.

Over the years, Kids Helping Kids broadened the scope of its fundraising activities. Individuals and groups around America were encouraged to create their own local fund-raising events in support of Kids Helping Kids. Anyone who felt the “teen” spirit in them and who wanted to contribute, were encouraged to use their unique talents and interests to organize events. Maybe someone was an actor, a dancer, a musician or an athlete.... or a small business owner, restauranteur, fashion or jewelry designer, or an event planner… whatever the role might be, Kids Helping Kids was there to help showcase the activity, and with all the raised funds furthering the Kids Helping Kids mission.

In 2013 Kids Helping Kids took “fun-raising” to a new level. In coordination with the Gotham Comedy Club our organization created a series of monthly comedy events where comedians (some now super-famous!) showcased their talents in many nights of laughter that raised money for our cause.

Later Kids Helping Kids shifted its focus to funding teen rooms and to supporting teen programs at hospitals and organizations such as Children’s Specialized Hospital (New Jersey), Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation (New York), St. Judes Research Hospital (Memphis), and the L.A. Children’s Hospital. In 2020 we announced the formation and long-term support of the KIDS HELPING KIDS YOUTH ADVISORY COUNCIL at Children’s Specialized Hospital in New Jersey. Their mission is to improve patient experience through the voices of past patients who are there to ensure that the youth have a voice in all aspects of their care at the Hospital.

Carrying forward Mischa’s vision, Kids Helping Kids will continue to inspire and energize kids of all ages and truly the world will continue to change for the better.

Mischa Zimmermann
Our Founder

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